Govi Sunglasses – Street Photography Campaign in Berlin

This Summer we have produced  a street Photography’s series for the launch’s campaign of GOVI Sunglasses from Hong Kong. It was a pleasure for us to produce the campaign on the streets of Berlin with local Models of urban sports, like BMX Freestyle, Parcour & Street Dance. Here a couple of screenshots of their new website. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your next Photography & Film Project!

© Wildschnitt

Naro Matsigenka Book & DVD

The Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru produced the last 5 years a important research about the use of the natural resources in Cusco Region in the south of Peru by the Matsigenka community. The scientific work and design of the research was made by University’s teacher Martha Rodriguez. We’ve  joined the Scientific crew the last two years of the project to film a documentary and take pictures for their upcoming book. After the travel phase, we got the commission to produce the design of the book and organize more than 6000 pictures taken by the Families of the community through 5 years.

We are really happy to share with you a part of this interesting project released last June in Peru.

From July 2017, you could find the book at ” El Virrey” book store in Peru.


Titel: Naro Matsigenka,  Territorio, Comunidad y Acceso a los recursos de la Biodiversidad

Author: Martha Rodriguez

Graphic Design: Masaki Gaya

Production: Wildschnitt Film & Photography

Image design & Photography Edition: Camilo Gutierrez

Film Documentary ” Naro Matsigenka”  Yo soy Matsigenka: Direction: Camilo Gutierrez / Post-production: Irene Rojas Erlenbach – Wildschnitt Film & Photography

ISBN: 978-612-4355-00-4

Copyright © CISEPA – PUCP





Trailer DVD:

BMX on Peruvian Desert

Last June We’ve visited the desert of South’s Peru for a new Film & Photography Project.
Since a few years we had in mind to film a project in this part of the world, because of the impressive and huge desert’s surface especially in the south of the country.
This time we’ve collaborated with Canadian camera man Dan Buchanan to operate the drone and be part of the production team. Have a look to the final result.

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Production: © Wildschnitt
Directed & edited by: Camilo Gutierrez
Camera Operator: Dan Buchanan
Music: Marc Höninnger

© Copyright

MARS / BMX Freestyle on the Desert of Perú from Wildschnitt on Vimeo.

Bike Paint Brush Video

Few Months ago, we teamed up with urban artist Danny Figueroa aka WESR and Camilo Gutierrez from Berlin, to film their idea, how to use a BMX Freestyle bicycle as paint brush and a wooden square piece as a canvas. Watch the process and final result of their collaboration.


BMX Video & Photo documentary Denmark

We headed to Denmark together with BMX Freestyle professional Riders Waldemar Fatkin, Camilo Gutierrez and Stephan Kornely to cover their Tour around the country. They have visited Copenhagen & Roskilde to perform shows and film for their new video. The project is featured with a photo Report at the current issue #25 of BMX Rider Magazine from Germany. Btw happy #25 anniversary!, Get your copy at the KIOSK!

We would like to say thanks to all the sponsors, who support this video & photography project.

BMX Rider Magazine, Nubia Smartphone, SIBMX, G-SHOCK, BMX Butikken.

Scroll down to watch the Videos of the Tour.

Camilo Gutierrez


EUROTRIP_DK/DE_TRAILER 2016 from Wildschnitt on Vimeo.

Full Clip:

BMX Freestyle in Hong Kong, China

We just finished our last video project in the extreme sports area. This time 2  BMX professional Riders from Germany, traveled all the way long to Hong Kong in China to perform and tour this amazing city.

“After a turbulent year with travels, shows and contests together around the world. Waldemar Fatkin and Camilo Gutierrez, two Professional riders based in Berlin and Koblenz respectively in Germany, decided to hit the beautiful city of Hong Kong in China.
Here is the full result of an unforgettable bmx experience about hong kong life style, spots hunting, beautiful places and much more! Enjoy this bmx freestyle video and our journey through china’s richest and tightest city!”

Direction & Photography: Camilo Gutierrez
Edit: © Wildschnitt
Music: Marc Hönninger
After Effects: Irene Rojas Erlenbach
Letters Artwork: Wesr

© All Rights Reserved

Watch it now in full HD 1080p!